UST Hospital Expansion Project


Good news! UST Hospital continues to expand and it’s right across from your place. A much busier Governor Forbes Lacson Avenue is expected as new school year starts. Living with the comforts of a hotel like in the area to cater for medical related travels, parents of UST students, alumni, student’s needs and business travellers.

The demolition in 2011 of the Medical Arts Building that housed doctors’ clinics paved the way for the start of construction of the extension building that will accommodate more patients and provide space for more hospital equipment.

The building’s ground floor will have lower and upper ground levels. The lower ground floor will house basic services such as dietary, laundry and garbage services. Reception and admission offices will be on the second floor of the extension building. A mezzanine will house the administrative offices. Medical equipment like x-ray, Cerebral Transcript Scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and ultrasound machines will be on the fifth floor. Other hospital departments will be on the sixth to eighth floors, while patient rooms will be on the ninth to 12th floors.

Renovations in the existing private division of the hospital will be made after the construction of the extension building. Proposed renovations include the elevation of the ground floor to alleviate the annual problem of flooding, gardens and landscaping, a bigger waiting area, and a café for the convenience of patients.